What is Areola Micro-Pigmentation?

Areola Micro-pigmentation, sometimes called 3D Nipple Tattooing or Areola Tattooing, is a non-surgical procedure where the illusion of a 3-dimensional areola and nipple are created through a specialized tattoo. This quick and nearly painless procedure uses a variety of advanced micro-pigmented techniques to create a natural looking final result.

For many breast cancer survivors, areola tattooing is the final step in their reconstruction journey. It is a way for many people to recover physically and emotionally from their mastectomy and breast reconstruction scars. This procedure may also be performed to benefit anyone who has any irregularity in their areola color, or shape.


Note from Mary Katz:

The passion I have for empowering Women and helping them find strength has never been more fulfilled than when I am performing this humbling treatment.  In addition to making it a part of my life’s purpose, I try to do as much pro-bono work as I can for Survivors. To be considered for Areola Micro-pigmentation as a client or as a Sponsored Survivor please get in touch!