Training Courses

Training Courses

Private Microblading Certification Course: $2,000

In this course our students learn all about technique, strokes, stenciling, color theory and shaping. Each student is one on one with a master trainer for the first day of the class. There is book work in the morning and a live model in the afternoon. The second day, the student works on 2 additional live models next to the trainer who is there to help if an issue arises.

You will recieve a Valid Certificate and a generous starters kit.

You will also need a blood born pathogens certificate.

Private Eyelash Extensions Course: $2,000

Students will learn correct posture, isolation, tools and placement for classic lashes. The first day will be all about Classic Lashes with 2 live models. Day 2 we teach our signature Russian Volume method that will have any newbie lashing like a pro in no time. With our signature method and style, our students quickly become impressive and productive lash artists.

You will recieve a Skill Certificate and a generous starters kit.

This course is only open to students that have finished formal training and have a license in esthetics, cosmetology, nail technicians and barbers.

All students get a lifetime discount of 10% on all wholesale supplies and are offered endless support, guidance and advice.


All courses require a $500 non-refundable deposit to schedule.


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